One Day Photowalk

So, back in 2012, I was thinking to start a project that i called One-day Photowalk. One-day photo walk is a personal project whereas the purpose is to capture the essence of a city in less than 24 hours. Travel and photography have always been my personal interests, and thus this personal project is a perfect alloy of them. This project is a series of photograph books with the same subject, city. The first city is Singapore as it’s one of the closest neighbours. And I've been thinking to add few other countries as soon as I beat my procrastination.

But in the reality I'm too lazy to finish it. I had finished my first project and maybe will be the last project few months ago, but i wasn't confident enough to share it to others. You can download the pdf version HERE (pardon me for the low resolution and it's supposed to be like a small book) and let me know what you think about it :)

or you can see some of those photos here.

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